EP 002 Kylie Slavik on Using Archetypes to Grow a Conscious Business

Kylie Slavik on the Awarepreneurs podcast

My guest for this episode is Kylie Slavik, of KylieSlavik.com.  Some topics covered in this leading edge conscious business podcast episode include:

  • What are archetypes and why are they so powerful?
  • Why does the marketing of many conscious businesses feel underpowered?
  • What are some examples of conscious businesses using archetypes to grow?
  • How to use archetypes in an effective and ethical way.

Join us as we explore depth based marketing, how to be both powerful and ethical in your business development activities, and harnessing the power of resonant storytelling in your business.

And, as always, there is an unique opportunity to discuss the themes covered in this episode in the Awarepreneurs Facebook community.  Just do a search in the group for "EP 002".

Paul Zelizer