EP 001: Vicki Abadesco on Empathy, Diversity & Social Enterprise

Welcome to our initial episode!

In this episode, Paul Zelizer interviews Vicki Abadesco founder of Soul Shoppe.  Soul Shoppe is an innovative social enterprise with a team of 22 people that offers empathy based programs focused on preventing bullying to diverse young people in the Bay Area and beyond.  They served 105,000 kids in 2016 and they are on a mission to scale that to 1 million kids per year.

Join us as we explore compassion based programming, how to increase your skillfulness around diversity issues and innovative approaches to social enterprise in this episode.

And, as always, there is an unique opportunity to discuss the themes covered in this episode in the Awarepreneurs Facebook community.  Just do a search in the group for "EP 001".

Paul Zelizer