Exploring the leading edge of conscious business and social impact.


Business is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Unfortunately, with a history of maximizing single bottom-line profits, it's currently doing a great deal of harm in both social and ecological arenas. 

You are very aware of the damage and suffering this is causing. It pains you. Yet, you envision that business can actually be a force for good.  This is the intent you have for your own business.   And you understand that it takes both inner alignment and a collective effort to bring about large scale change.

Awarepreneurs is a weekly podcast and a global community of social enterprise thought leaders (established and emerging).  We believe that together we can find ways to have our ventures contribute to just and sustainable ways of living as diverse humans on this beautiful planet.   In our weekly podcast, we showcase what people around the world are discovering about how to lead with awareness and create businesses that truly are a force for good.