Welcome to the Awarepreneurs podcast!

Welcome!  Thank you for your interest in the Awarepreneurs podcast.  The first episode will go live Tuesday, May 2ndEach Tuesday after that, I will post a deep dive interview with a different social enterprise thought leader.

Two of the innovative aspects of the Awarepreneurs podcast are the focus on leading edge models and a deep commitment to co-learning:

  1. Awarepreneurs is more than just me, Paul Zelizer, the founder.  It's a dynamic global community.  And as a leading edge community, we know who's doing transformational work, who's thriving, and who's experimenting with innovative models. Together, we'll find the most growing edge social enterprise and conscious business leaders in the world and ask them real questions.  Including the gritty details about how their business works.
  2. The learning doesn't stop when the podcast episode is over.  Through meaningful dialogue between podcast guests and community members, you get to participate in a world class co-learning ecosystem.  This happens through discussions in the Awarepreneurs Facebook group each week after the episode.  

Deep dialogue with thought leaders and dynamic co-learning with some of the leading conscious business leaders on the planet.  That's what makes Awarepreneurs unique.

I look forward to journeying together!

Paul Zelizer