EP 020 Using Passive Income to Take the Pressure Off Your Mission Driven Business with Indigo Ocean Dutton

EP 020 Indigo.jpg

In this episode, I interview Indigo Ocean Dutton, the founder of Awaken Business Consulting. Indigo is the Principle Consultant at Awaken Business Consulting, founder of The Winning Start programs for people of color, and founder of the Aspiratech corporate consulting and Salesforce training firm.

Indigo has used passive income strategies that have brought her hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue as well as consulted with clients on their passive income strategies.  One of these is her course titled Passion Payday that will walk you step by step through what the various options for passive income are, how to identify the topic and type of passive income that's a good fit for you, and the design of your first/next passive income offering.

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Paul Zelizer