Our amazing sponsors

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It takes a village to support a venture like Awarepreneurs.  Thus, we are deeply grateful to Heart of Business, our first sponsor.  Check out their programs that many Awarepreneurs community members have benefited from.  Clients and Money is for people getting started or needing more clients and money.  Expand Your Reach is for people ready to expand their reach and for steady income.


RKA Ink is a web design and marketing studio for purpose driven business.  Before you hire a designer or invest in marketing, we highly recommend you grab "Don't Hire a Web Designer (Until You Read This eBook) for a free guide to help prepare you for online success.  Click here to get your guide.     

Support this one-of-a-kind community

Awarepreneurs is a unique and inclusive community.  Anyone with an internet connection can participate.  And members get direct access to some of the top thought leaders in this space, week after week.

We use an innovative business model that gives people who want to be more involved opportunities to connect in deeper ways.  This includes collaborative learning and support environments.  We do this through a pay- what-fits-your-needs model on Patreon.

Options start at as little $1/month and Awarepreneurs supporters get access to special calls and exclusive content.  So you don't just support one of the most dynamic and inclusive social enterprise communities in the world - we go out of our way to find innovative ways to support you!