Request for a "Give One" Membership

One of the things we are best known for is our diverse, deep dive membership community.   We have hundreds of entrepreneurs distributed around the world who are as committed as you are to both growing a business AND having positive social impact.

We care deeply about making this community available to dedicated entrepreneurs from many different situations and backgrounds.

To do this, we use an innovative "buy one/give one" model.  A basic membership costs us $5 per month to provide facilitation and support to one member.  This includes montly facilitated business networking calls, ongoing support for your launches of products and services and moderation for our bonus Facebook community.   We ask members with more established businesses in developing countries to pay $10 per month (or more if they can afford it) to allow us to "give one" to those working in less developed economies or who are in early stages of development of your social enterprise.

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