Exploring the intersection of conscious business, social impact and awareness practices.

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Business is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Unfortunately, with a history of obsessing about short term profits and running on frames based on inequality, it's currently doing a great deal of harm in both social and ecological arenas. 

You are very aware of the damage and suffering this is causing.  Yet, in your heart of hearts you believe that business can actually be a force for good.  

In Awarepreneurs, we explore these issues and share resources for people in this space in two ways:

  1. Our bimonthly podcast. We find leaders doing leading edge work and ask they honest questions about what works for them and what hasn’t in terms of helping underserved communities and making a full time living as a social entrepreneur.

  2. The Awarepreneurs community . We’ve built a community of hundreds of conscious social entrepreneurs who share resources, give feedback and help each other network to grow their impact and success.