EP 007: Daphne Robinson is a Prosecutor Creating Alternatives to Criminal Justice

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Introducing Daphne Robinson:

Daphne Robinson is an Assistant District Attorney by day, an advocate for criminal justice reform by night. In her 20 years of working within Louisiana’s juvenile justice system, Daphne saw the system failing to protect kids -- kids who were committing crimes, and kids who were victims of crime. She got her masters in public health, and started a nonprofit called, The Center for Public Health and Justice.

How a concern for kids caught up in the criminal justice system led an Assistant District Attorney to create evidence-based and community-based alternatives to prosecution and incarceration.

We talk about Daphne’s experiences as an Assistant District Attorney in Louisiana and founder of The Center for Public Health and Justice:

  • What she saw that led her to take action
  • How she went from being an outlier to an influencer
  • How she builds bridges between public health and criminal justice communities
  • The questions she asked that helped her identify mental health as a root concern for both public health and public safety

-- This is the second of 3 episodes focusing on the social justice intersections of public health. -- 

Paul Zelizer