EP 004 Chandra Brooks Wants You to Sit at the Table and Get Off the Menu

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Chandra Brooks Wants You to Sit at the Table and Get Off the Menu --

"I had to build my own visibility, my own clout as Chandra, in order to make things happen the way I wanted to see them. So not only as a person within an organization.... But also I had to build it for myself, so I had some major influence on what happened in my city….

“I am just Chandra Brooks. Yeah I have all these accomplishments now, but I'm just Chandra Brooks from the east side of San Jose that got kicked out of 3 schools, and that graduated pregnant. So understanding that if I can do it, you can do it.”

That’s Chandra Brooks in the fourth episode of my podcast (Dialogue Lab: Social Impact + All the Feels).

She is a leader who is experienced in building collective power and creating change in her community, and now she’s working to prepare women of color who are new to politics to run for office. She’s doing this through a project called The SocialPreneur.

Paul Zelizer