EP005: Sujatha Jesudason is Reclaiming Innovation for a More Soulful & Resilient Movement

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“Some of the most innovative and creative people are people who have been the most marginalized and most oppressed. That it is on the margins, under the most constrained conditions, that some of the most interesting and creative stuff has happened. In part because that's what you need to survive....

"...I think about my immigrant parents, who came to the US relatively resource poor. And my mother is the best recycler I knew! She recycled, she re-used, she reduced her use, like the best! I mean she was recycling before recycling was a thing.

"And so in terms of innovation, for me a big part for social justice groups and nonprofits, is actually reclaiming our legacy of innovation.”

That’s Sujatha Jesudason in the fifth episode of my podcast (Dialogue Lab: Social Impact + All the Feels).

Sujatha is the founder and Executive Director of CoreAlign, which is building collaborations to ensure that all people have the resources, rights and respect for their sexual and reproductive lives.

She also just started teaching about innovation in social movements at the Milano School of Public Policy at the New School in New York.

Listen to our conversation about reproductive justice, speaking race to power, collaboration across difference, and innovation in social movements.

Paul Zelizer