EP 014 Esther de Rothschild & Aicha Cherif are Getting the Love Vote Out

Every. Vote. Counts. And as it turns out, that is often felt most keenly from the perspective of people who are not allowed to vote.

That what motivates Esther de Rothschild & Aicha Cherif in their work running the Love Vote, an organization that amplifies the voices of people who can’t vote -- either because of youth, citizenship, or disenfranchisement. And they are doing it to move people who can vote, to vote.

Esther -- the Love Vote’s founder -- is a high school teacher and filmmaker. Aicha is the Love Vote’s outreach director. Aicha’s also a high school senior whose citizenship status means she won’t be eligible to vote, even after she turns 18 next year. (You can read the New York Times profile of Aicha here.)

We also talked about their experiences at the helm of a social impact startup, as well as their insights on leading, collaborating, and learning in the social impact space.

We talked about:

  • How they are both partly motivated by their own histories of not being eligible to vote

  • What’s important when collaborating across a generational divide

  • Why “fake it till you make it” can sometimes be really bad advice

  • What it means to make trust and respect a foundation for collaboration

  • Mobilizing voters through an emotional connection, rather than a mental one

Paul Zelizer