EP 012 Kishshana Palmer: Elevating the Way We Think About People in the Nonprofit Sector

Kishshana Palmer is a ball of fire, and she is coming for the nonprofit sector. Lucky us!

This was such a fun conversation with someone who is so good at naming the dynamics that hold us back, and how we can rise above them. Listen to my conversation with Kishshana, this week on the Dialogue Lab podcast.

Here’s a highlight:

“Thinking about talent, and thinking about our number one asset in this sector — which is our people — is something we cannot continue to miss the boat on. Or be excited that we wear people out.

"I don’t want to continue to have to cite stats about how quickly fundraisers roll out of their roles. Me included. I don’t want to be excited about the fact that we’ve burnt yet another person out.

"Maybe excitement is not the right word. Maybe it’s more like, 'oh, they couldn’t cut it.' Or 'well you know, this work is hard.' Or taking pride in being like, 'oh we’re bone weary.' I don’t want that. I don’t want any of that.”

And if you know some folks who could use an antidote to burnout in the nonprofit sector, please share this interview with them!

Paul Zelizer