EP 011: Melanie Dewberry: A philosophy for action grounded in a deeper truth

EP 011 Melanie Dewberry.png

The thing about Melanie DewBerry is that she did not come here to mess around in the shallows.

Listen to Reva Patwardhan’s conversation with this shimmery, brilliant, sparkly woman who is a coach, speaker, author and indigenous ceremonialist in this week’s episode of the Dialogue Lab podcast.

We went deep, deeeeep, on what it means to act for change from a place of stillness. And how that is an essential journey for anyone who wants to take a stand for social change, while not losing themselves in the fight.

Here’s a highlight: “It took me years to realize to go inside myself. And to change my chaotic way of being. My chaotic thinking, my chaotic belonging to this consensus reality, and inhabit the world of beauty inside. That took me 10 years to realize. 10 years.… and now, I can honestly tell you. I’ve got more beauty that I’m living in and that I’m creating from, than I have chaos. And that is making a change in everybody I touch. And everybody who touches me.”

Paul Zelizer