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Do you have an idea for a guest or a topic for the Awarepreneurs Podcast?  The main thing we are looking for are companies or organizations that are:

  1. Proven as an enterprise.  The Awarepreneurs community wants granular examples of organizations that are successful in the market place.   The measuring stick I use is people makes at least the salary of an experienced nurse in the community they live in.  Please wait to contact me if you're not there yet. 
  2. Delivering significant social impact results.  One of the things that makes Awarepreneurs unique is a deep commitment to cultural change and social justice.  Our community members don't want thin veneers of this.  They want to hear about the specifics of organizations having a positive social impact in a significant number of people's lives.

If you have read the guidelines and feel like your suggestion for a guest is aligned, please use the form below.  Please include how you think your venture meets these guidelines.


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