You are not alone.

Community is one of our core values at Awarepreneurs.  But it's not something we post on the core values part of our website and then forget about.  We live it every day of the year.

There are 6 specific ways that the Awarepreneurs community is different than most.

1) We are a dynamic community of over 2500 conscious entrepreneurs and business leaders.  We do this work and communicate with each other everyday.  There's an agreement to share generously to the best of our ability.  If we don't know the answer to a question you are asking, there's a good chance we collectively know somebody who does.

2) We get direct access to global thought leaders.  Our members are founders or colleagues of many of the world's most dynamic conscious business and social enterprise brands.  This is a place thought leaders and emerging thought leaders from many different entrepreneur and business communities gather and dialogue.  

3) We understand that lasting change requires both internal and external change.  Getting centered on our meditation cushion or yoga mat is a powerful act.  But by itself, it won't lead to the larger changes that are needed.  Likewise, constant focus on external change with no accompanying contemplation of our own ways of being leads to ineffectiveness and despair.  These times call for both self awareness as well as collective action.

4) We co-learn together.  Through our weekly podcast episode and the discussion of it, we dive deep into the topic of the week.  In this way, we are constantly deepening our knowledge about both the inner and outer skills neccessary to achieve both our business and social impact goals.

5) We value thought partnership over reductionistic answers.  There are many ways to approach social enterprise.  And it's a sector that's continuously evolving. Our culture is to partner with you and crowd source several approaches to deal with the choices you are facing.   We want to help you find a path forward that's aligned for you.

6) We are an inclusive community.  Anyone with access to an internet connection can join.  The only thing we ask is you respect our simple guidelines (pinned to the top of the Facebook group) and that you consider becoming a supporter if you find the community valuable. 

Awarepreneurs is not for everyone - especially if you can't play well with others.  However, if you understand how a community of conscious business leaders can contribute to the shift that's wanted on our planet, come join us!