The 3 Phases of Relaunching the Awarepreneurs Community

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The New Awarepreneurs Membership Community

You might have noticed that things got a little intense in the Awarepreneurs Facebook community over the late summer and into the fall - thus leading us to pause the group.  This post gives the background info re: what was happening that lead to to this decision and the need for a restructure plan.

The good news is that the restructure plan has been proposed and it's been tremendously well recieved.  Now, it's time to implement it!

Please note that the entire design of the new Awarepreneurs community membership program is take us deeper as a community.  There are 4 main features of the program:

  1. Live monthly business networking calls via Zoom.
  2. Ongoing support for launching your products & services from our team and the community.
  3. Referrals to a diverse network of service providers - like web designers, marketing consultants, skillful bookkeepers and other professionals - who understand your kind of business.
  4. Membership in our bonus Facebook group.

Again, we are deeply committed to making this program inclusive.  We do this through our innovative "buy one/give one" membership model.

Due to a varieity of factors - like we are now entering the holiday period here in the US and the fact that Reva Patwardhan, our new community moderator, will be on a month long vacation until early January - we are going to relaunch the Awarepreneurs community using a 3 phase process. 

Here are the 3 phases:

1) Contemplation (now until December 4th)

Again, this is a busy time of year for many people.  For instance, our founder is off all next week (11/19 to 11/26) for a Thanksgiving break and Reva Patwardan has a previously scheduled vacation for almost all of December.  And, people in the community have asked for time to ask questions about and get to know the new structure of the membership community.

We needed a structure that will allow our community members to start getting benefit while still aknowledging everyone needs some time to go from the old model to the new.

So ...

Starting today, Novemember 14th, the Awarepreneurs FB community will be open for posting again.  During this phase, we will have set the Facebook group to moderator approved posts and will only be approving posts by ANYONE that relate to questions about the restructure plan and MEMBERS ONLY re: entrepreneurial issues, referrals questions & resources, and self-care conversations.  Anyone can comment on any thread.

Features of the Contemplation phase:

  1. Starts today, November 14th-December 4th
  2. Moderator approved posts for people who are members (either buy one or give one, we don't differentiate) on business related topics and ANYONE can ask questions or give feedback re: the restructure plan.
  3. We do not have the paid moderator and dialogue infrastructure in place yet.  So we suggest that people focus more on entrepreneurial issues, referrals questions & resources, and self-care conversations.  We suggest waiting til phase 3 to bring more emotional charged conversations about social justice/social impact issues to the group (we will have our paid moderator in place and guidelines for dialogue more fully developed).
  4. NO posts will be approved during major holidays and weekends (Friday night-Monday morning Pacific time) so our founder can get a break.
  5. During this period, we would appreciate current Facebook group members to either join the new Awarepreneurs community membership program (either buy one or give one, we don't differentiate) or to remove themselves from the Facebook group.

2) Going Deeper (December 5th-January 7th)

During this phase, there are two main features:

  1. We will begin removing everyone from the Awarepreneurs Facebook community who is NOT a member (either buy one or give one, we don't differentiate) of the new Awarepreneurs community membership program.   If you do not wish to join the program, we would greatly appreciate it if you'd remove yourself from the Facebook group.  The Facebook group is a bonus feature just for members of the membership program.
  2. We will begin the process of going deeper as a community.  For instance, our first community call for facilitated business networking is scheduled for December 12th,  @ 9am Pacific/noon Eastern, our founder will start scheduling appointments to meet with business sponsors to discussing how to support thier upcoming launches, etc.

3) full version (from january 8th, 2018 forward)

Once we know who's aboard for the deeper dive, dialogue based ride, we will go to the full version.  Awarepreneurs community 2.0.   :)

This phase features:

  1. We will be moving forward with programming to help us build our community muscles for having conversations about topics that tend to be more emotionally charged - social impact and social justice conversations.
  2. Assuming the our membership funds our 2nd goal of Patreon goal of at least $2000/month, Reva Patwardhan will start her role as paid community monitor.
  3. Our second community membership call to discuss how we can support your upcoming launches as well as how we're going to deepen the dialogues is scheduled for Thursday, January 18th at 9am Pacific.
  4. In the Facebook group, members posts will NOT need to be moderator approved from Monday morning to Friday afternoon (Pacific time).   We WILL be turning on moderator approved posts on the weekends so our team can have self care time.


In sum, I know this has been a turbulent time in our community.  It's also been a turbulent time in the larger world and we are very much connected to the collective.

And, I am excited about this new phase for our community.  These times are asking us to go deeper both personally and as a collective.  We have experienced way too much of what Awarepreneurs Advisory Board member (look for another post on this soon) Kundan Chhabra calls "post and ghost" behavior.   

It's. Time. For. More. Depth. And. More. Accountability.  And this is our plan to get there.

Please know you are welcome to ask questions and/or give feedback about any aspect of this plan.  You can contact me via the Awarepreneurs website or post it in the Awarepreneurs Facebook group (these types of posts will be approved whether or not you are currently a member.

Thank you for your time, your care, and the important work you do!

With much appreciation,

Paul Zelizer, Founder of Awarepreneurs


Paul Zelizer